Leopoldo Aperio BellaCitizenship Specialist

Profile and Education
After graduating in Law with honors from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, he collaborated for over 10 years in “Casella Pacca di Matrice” Law Firm. In 1988 he founded his own law firm, leading a team of 5 people and operating in various fields of private-civil, commercial and administrative law. Since 2011 he has been associated with Antonello Zucconi and in November 2020 their firm “Aperio Bella-Zucconi” merged into “Casella Pacca di Matrice” Law Firm.
He is President of the historical Roman Rowing Club “Circolo Canottieri Tirrenia Todaro”.


Areas of Practice
• Commercial Law with specific reference to contractual and corporate law
• Administrative Law with specific reference to public contractor selection procedures in healthcare field
• Italian Citizenship
• Sports Law

Contact Information
Phone:        +39063215889
E-mail:       info@studioandino.com
Office:         Roma, Italia

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