Business Law

For companies that want to enter local markets for the first time, we offer a range of legal and management services, including:

  • Contracts for start-ups
  • Legal compliance
  • Incorporation of companies (complete process)
  • Payment and administrative support services
  • Outsourcing for accounting and tax services

For established companies, we provide 360 degree legal consulting in company law:

  • Contracts with clients and suppliers
  • Services for expats
  • Investment and finance
  • Corporate structuring
  • Assistance with the execution of complex transactions


We assist companies in M&A deals from first contact with the target company through to the acquisition and integration:

  • Target identification
  • Precontractual documents
  • Due legal diligence
  • Accounting, tax and financial auditing
  • Sales and purchase or capitalization agreements
  • Assistance to the Board of Directors

Public Procurement

We are natural partners for foreigners who enter the region to execute infrastructure projects and works in general. We know the local customs and regulations which we are able to make clear and understandable for foreigners and nationals alike. Additionally, we are able to facilitate relations with local partners and suppliers by providing:

  • Consultation in the participation phase of projects
  • Legal recourse in the case of exclusion
  • 360 degree assistance in the execution of public contracts
  • Guidance for companies in the completion of contracts with government agencies

Italian Citizenship

In 2009, Castellari opened the market for recognition of Italian citizenship in Colombia. Today, our brand “Yo Soy Italiano” has directly helped over 2,000 people located in 15 different legal jurisdictions obtain Italian citizenship. With extensive experience and a proven track record over 10 years in Latin America, we are the #1 option for you to get your Italian citizenship!


International Private Law

We offer legal services to companies and individuals, in addition to providing legal counsel for the resolution of all types of legal situations. Among our services available are the following:

  • -International debt collection
  • Crossborder litigation
  • Execution and enforcement of foreign judgments
  • Reactivation of inactive companies
  • Liquidation processes

Industrial and intellectual property

In these areas of practice we are a highly specialized firm in the registration of trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents and other new creations, valuations of intangible assets, litigation for the defense of the same, with extensive professional experience in favor of national and foreign entrepreneurs.
We have significant experience in the management of collective brands, certifications, denominations of origin and geographical indications in favor of associations of agricultural, artisan and agro-industrial producers.
We have consolidated and recognized experience in unfair competition disputes, client representation in investigations for practices restricting free competition and consultancy in consumer law.

The main legal quality certification companies recognize the excellence of our professional practice in EGR.


Social Security in Health and Regulatory Matters

For individuals and companies, we offer legal advisory services in matters related to Social Security in Health and specific procedures before the Administrative Authorities of the sector, including INVIMA:

  • Authorization regime for statutory reforms.
  • Administrative investigations related to the provision of health services.
  • Flow of resources in the health sector.
  • Procedures related to sanitary registrations.
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