Italians do it better!

Have you seen or heard this phrase at some point in your life?
Madonna, proud of her Italian origin, made it famous when, in 1986, she appeared on the set of Papa don’t preach wearing a T-shirt with those same words stamped on it.

But how much truth is hidden behind this phrase that in the 80’s made a few eyebrows raise?
Italians are a resilient, creative, hopeful, generous people. We work hard, we love beauty and good food.

There is a simple elegance in our way of being and our way of doing that evokes the geniuses of the Renaissance.

Andrà tutto bene“, everything is going to be fine, is a phrase that we have imprinted in our DNA. Just give us the opportunity and we make the simplest or the most complicated things better.

But… great like what?

Fiorello La Guardia, for instance, elected mayor of New York in 1933 and re-elected for three consecutive terms because during the Great Depression he fought crime in a exemplary way and managed to give the economy a great boost; or Mario Puzo, creator of “The Godfather“, a novel that allowed us to enter the world of the Sicilian mafia present in New York and still make millions rave.

And what about Frank Sinatra? What would have become of music deprived of Frank Sinatra? Without Liza Minelli or Lady Gaga the musical scene would have lost so much.

American cinema would have lost the beauty of Francis Ford Coppola and  the performances of Robert de Niro or Leonardo di Caprio.

Baseball wouldn’t have been the same without Joe di Maggio, and finances without Lee Iacocca.

The list is long, we could talk about  so many other Italian americans who brought some of the  Italian greatness to America and made the United States a more beautiful and  enjoyable place to live.

Curious already?

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