Italians and food

Like Woody & Buzz or Bonnie & Clyde, Italians and food are an inseparable pair.

Trust me. I know. Growing up in an Italian household, all my memories are tied-up to the wonderful smells of bell peppers being roasted, porcini mushrooms’s aromas from risotto  and the bubbling and sizzling of pomarola and ragù being cooked on the stove.

There is no better perfume that the one that comes from parsley, sage, rosemary, basil and thyme as they are intricately tied to memories of joy and laughter.

Because we Italians are deeply proud of our relationship with our cuisine. We would not take it lightly if anyone or anything comes between us. It’s almost like a love affair, passionate and intense.

And from this passionate affair and the love of beauty, a new way of dialoguing with food have emerged:


And here we are entering the Twilight Zone, where everything (or almost) is possible.
Design with food, for food, about food, food space design.
Take your pick and get ready to have a blast.

Coffee lens by Carlo Cracco or melon caviar form Ferran Adrià are just a couple of examples of what can be done with food; objects such as Stark’s citrus juicer by Alessi or the satysafe by Grabiele Chiavi will amaze you with their simplicity and elegance.

So be prepared to be amazed. Connect with your inner Italian, that part of you that loves good food, nice wines, la dolce vita style and beauty in all its forms!

Furthermore, if you are of Italian descentlet us help you to make this connection by finding  out if you are eligible to claim your Italian citizenship.

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