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Italiani World is born

– Massimiliano, what is ITALIANI-WORLD?
As with any good story I would like to start from the beginning. Ours dates back to 2009 and is today called Studio Andino, the engine behind Italiani-world, as well as the window from which we were able to observe what was happening (and, perhaps, will happen) in South America.

The Studio Andino project was born from love: I’m from Bologna, Italy, and moved to Colombia to get married to a Colombian woman, also a lawyer. We were planning to start a family here.
Our projects have come true and, side by it, a constant growth of the Law Firm that we co-founded together.

In almost twelve years it has become a real point of reference and aggregation of the Italian business community and beyond, in Colombia, and for some years now also in Chile. This year we have opened a new direct office in Mexico (where industrial relations with Italy are very strong), and we are working on various projects in other countries of Central and South America.

What has been successful, I believe, is having identified a need and filled a void.

Wherever you go, but especially in the Americas, an interest in Italy, be it economic or cultural, is always present. We are not just talking about the small, stereotyped pizzeria.

There are significant Italian economic interests in Latin America created by the interesting growth rates and the business environment offered by its Countries, but also because the Latin American culture has common features with  the Italian one.

Large companies, such as ENEL for instance, are sources of employment of the Italian business fabric abroad and literally bring with them to the host Country subcontractors, even medium or large enterprises.

From the beginning of the project it was clear that there was no authentically Italian legal structure abroad, a symbol of Made in Italy, that was able to fulfill these latent needs, and it is here that we try to fill this void.

What started out as a single-country project has had such a strong push that over the years, has embraced the need to expand.

So, since 2016, we have also opened offices in Santiago, Chile,  and this year we will start operations in Mexico City. In the near future we will do the same in other South American capitals.

Our strategy is, in a certain sense, opposite to that of the large Italian legal industry: we do not seek alliances with foreign firms when the client needs them, but we assist him with our own offices in the countries of destination of the investments. In this way, we play as “locals” both in Italy and abroad.

Ours is an initiative that looks to the future. The first generation, the one who founded the Firm, grasped the shortcomings: the lack of a fabric of legal and administrative services on a global level. The immediate goal is to consolidate our presence in Latin America; in the long run, it is to go beyond the borders of the continent, because these needs are also true in Toronto, Berlin and Paris: the prospect of the project is to open up to the world.

In the countries where we have worked, we have understood that all this is possible.

Obviously there is an intense competition, especially from the big local legal industry (Big Law) and some Anglo-Saxon firms. Our project, however, is radically different: efficient, innovative, personalized, tailored to the needs of the Italian customer. In a word: “Made in Italy”.

Returning to the initial question, Italiani is an entrepreneurial social responsibility initiative by Studio Andino. It is a non-profit organization that deserves to have visibility:  thus we will use social networks a lot, as well as programs and platforms to spread our mission. We will create a discussion platform for connecting and bonding, absolutely free. The interests we want to stimulate are wide and varied, as the Italian cultural ties are diverse, complex, deep and interesting.

– Where did the idea of ​​this non-profit organization come from?

From travelling. Having touched almost all the countries of the American continent and provided services to over three thousand five hundred customers, we have known the communities linked to the concept of “Italiaità” in the broadest sense.

These people are mostly bi-national citizens, therefore Americans and Italians, Ecuadorians and Italians, Colombians and Italians.

Looking from the window provided by Studio Andino, what we have found out in these twelve years of activity, is that we are in the presence of a community that is not perceived as such and is almost forgotten. It is by no means little considered in the Italian political and economic panorama. We think this is a mistake and that is why we have decided to take action.

We wanted to do something that would allow us to galvanize this community, to unite it and to forge closer relations with the country that gave birth to an emigrant, who then built his life abroad. The goal is to go back through the family trees and bring to light links that have been lost.

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