Have you ever wondered how designers translate ideas in to form?

There is a certain method, a path so to speak that can be follow to achieve a perfect marriage between form and function.

Da cosa nasce cosa
Bruno Munari

But it is not always easy to achieve performance and beauty in an object because, as what happens with translators, finding the right concepts, or words, or shapes is not a simple task.

Sometimes we get caught in the mists of misconceptions, and loose our ways to satisfy a devouring monster call consumerism.
Designing objects full of unnecessary trinkets and ornaments for the few that might be able to afford those same objects, according to Bruno Munari, is just plain madness:

Luxury is the manifestation of uncivilized wealth that wants to impress those who have remained poor
Da Cosa Nasce Cosa
Bruno Munari

Munari used to say that the search for essentiality is fundamental which, as he said, goes beyond fashions and styles.
A good designer is one that knows how to “translate” ideas for the greater good, like someone opening a window into the infinite.

Enzo Mari, another extraordinary designer that just passed away, once said that

Form is what it is, not what it seems, so it is necessary to talk about the work that realizes it; to eliminate the superfluous to find it poor, essential, because objects don’t have to please everyone, they have to be useful to everyone,

So don’t get lost in translation, and if this is your dream, become a designer that knows his craft learning from the best in Italy.

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