Bud Spencer

Born in 1929, on a Halloween Day, under the omens of the Great Depression, this “Napoletano verace” conquered the world.

With his 6ft 2 ¾ and his 192 pounds, ignoring Bud Spencer on the screen or as in person was impossible.

His good humor, boldness, charisma, pervaded everything around him. Children used to love his characters because of his kindness, kind of a  good giant with his voracious eternal hunger for “pasta e fagioli”.

Who can forget his pigeon punch? It became his signature, from the beginning.

L’inedito Bud Spencer:
“L’incontro con Terence Hill è stato un miracolo”

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“The famous punch that Bud Spencer throws, that everyone who enjoys these films loves so much, was born by accident. When we had to stage a fight for God Forgives…I Don’t!, I was up in a tree. I was the cat and I had jumped onto him, the spurs scratched his face and I asked: “How do we finish this fight?”. Since I was the cat, and the dog had to forcefully get hold of me, Bud said: “You know what I’ll do? I’ll punch you in the head and you” and I said, “You know what I’ll do? I’ll fall like a pigeon when it gets hit by a shot”. That’s how it came to be called by us and by the stuntmen the “pigeon punch”, which consisted of going up in the air and falling straight onto one’s side.”.

Terence Hill

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The other life of Bud Spencer

But behind this tough façade of a cowboy, a banana farmer or policeman lies an Olympic Champion, a pilot, a composer, a musician. Because he wasn’t always Bud Spencer. Way before his actor persona saw the light, he was, in fact, Carlo Pedersoli.

“{…}a sportsman: swimming champion, first Italian to drop below the minute in the 100 m freestyle, water polo gold medalist, boxer, rugby player, Greek-Roman wrestler, he even ran a rally in Venezuela. He was then a pilot of helicopters and planes, despite having vision problems, flying the first time without ever taking a lesson. Then he took flight patents and even created an airline (which still exists and is now owned by Poste Italiane). But his first job was that of composer, he wrote for Ornella Vanoni for Nico Fidenco and for himself, music and words. He played an incredible amount of instruments, which are still in his house, despite never having studied a line of music.”.

So you see, he kind of reminds me of Tom Baxter, ofThe Purple Rose of Cairo”. Baxter, a character in this black and white Woody Allen’s film, comes out of the screen and becomes a real person.

With Pedersoli is just like that. Once you start digging behind the Bud Spencer persona, you find a tridimensional, fantastic multifaceted personality, a highly educated person who spoke six languages fluently, bold, full of courage, tenderness, imagination, skills and laughter.

86 reasons to live!
Once choosing his acting alias after Spencer Tracy and the Budweiser beer, having shot more than 128 films, after flying more than 1500 hours, having composed songs and various music pieces, at the age of 86, he passed away  on June 27 2016, in Rome.

In Berlin, Germany, a museum.

But his legacy still remains, for the joy of alder and newer generations. On June 27st 2021, in Berlin, Germany, the “Bud Spencer Museum” will open its doors to the public. With a permanent exhibition, the Museum caters to the visitor’s curiosity by offering numerous exhibits from the private life and film career of Carlo Pedersoli.

“Life is a movie. Someone told us the beginning, but no one will ever know how it ends “ Carlo Pedersoli

So, from the neapolitan streets to the Venezuelan jungles, from the Panamerican Highway to the Olympics, passing through University doing Chemistry and Law, getting married, losing a child, becoming an actor and a composer, to flying aircrafts, owning a flying company and eating incredible amounts of food, Bud Spencer and/or Carlo Pedersoli left us a legacy that will not be forgotten.

“Life is a movie. Someone told us the beginning, but no one will ever know how it ends “ Carlo Pedersoli

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